Website Set Up ($500)

You need a website. For fundraising, constituent outreach and interaction, and voter ID/data collection. We will set up the site for you using the NationBuilder (NB) platform with all these functions, as well as integration with other social media platforms. Ongoing website management services available at hourly or retainer rates.


General Writing Services ($40/hr)

Consistent and frequent communication with constituents/voters and media is critical. We will help you craft and edit and/or ghost write for you, fundraising appeals, op-eds, blog posts, press releases, legislative updates, letters to the editor, etc.


Advertising Services ($40/hr)

Combining the written word with other audio/visual media, we can help you create newspaper advertisements, direct mail postcards, campaign flyers, radio ads, short videos for your website and/or social media, memes, etc. Simple graphics design and video editing we can do in house, and for more complicated technical work we can help connect you with other professional services.


Data Management ($60/hr)

Ever successful campaign comes down to "building a list, and making it walk." We will help you format and upload lists in NB, clean and standardize data collection. We will use your data (and ours) to create mailing lists, door knocking lists, phone banking databases, fundraising targets, etc. And, we will make sure it's all backed up and secure so you don't have to worry about any nasty surprises out on the campaign trail.


Public Opinion Surveys (cost dependent on size)

Never has it been more critical to know what voters/constituents really think. We can help you develop effective questions and scripts, run IVR and online surveys, provide detailed summaries of results and basis analysis of what they mean, as well as any specific voter data gleaned. These surveys are very effective at the state and county/senate district levels, or "bundled" together for multiple house districts.


General Campaign Consulting

While most campaigns on a Vermont scale can't afford a full time campaign manger, some level of experienced, professional insight and partnership is desirable. We can help develop a comprehensive campaign plan - including scheduling, budgeting, communication, and resource management - based on proprietary data and industry knowledge. (Options range from $500 to $1200. Reach out to us to discuss!)


Fundraising Services

Services include donor strategy, messaging & creatives, data, donor development, mailing design & setup, bulk email service, and donation landing pages.

Commission Structure:
30% Commission on the first $500 raised.
20% Commission from $500 to $1,500 raised.
15% Commission from $1,500 to $5,000 raised.
10% Commission over $5,000 raised.



Interested in one of our services? Contact us!