Website Construction, Content, and Management.

Water Cooler Communications offers full service website design, content creation and ongoing management to meet YOUR specific needs. Some technical features we offer include online fundraising, voter/volunteer data collection and management, integration with social media, and access to Water Cooler's growing statewide database of over 30,000 Vermont voters. Read More.




Press Releases, Op-Eds, Updates, and Fundraising.

In addition to website content, Water Cooler Communications can work with you to create press releases, op-eds, and legislative updates for your local papers and even email subscribers, as well as other writing projects. We can also provide editing services if you'd just like another pair of eyes to check your own work. Read more.



Cost Effective Public Opinion Surveys.

Water Cooler Communications ran a dozen statewide surveys in 2019 and 2020 in order to build a deeper understanding of the Vermont electorate on a wide variety of topics. This not only informs our ability to craft effective messaging for our clients, but the information collected now populates or database of voter profiles. We can also conduct cost-effective custom surveys for you at the state, county, or legislative district level. Read more.




TCI: Building a data-driven, research-based campaign.

Carbon taxes have been a hot-button issue - and an unpopular one - in Vermont for the past five years. With the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) in the news and a cause championed by the Vermont Climate Caucus, the issue presented a major opportunity for VTGOP candidates in 2020. Water Cooler did extensive research into understanding the TCI proposal, conducted a statewide survey on the issue to determine public opinion and established the strongest messaging strategies, performed opposition research on incumbent office holders, and then crafted targeted individual campaigns. Read more.