Youth Congress to Legislature: get serious about climate change – Times Argus


A group of Vermont youth gathered at the State House Friday to decry adult paralysis on climate change action.

The youth event followed the convening of the congress in November, also at the State House, when 170 students gathered to hammer out a strategy and solutions to climate change. “We’re facing an unprecedented global emergency,” said Lili Platt, a senior at Harwood Union High School, one of the organizers of the event and the congress. “Just thinking about the magnitude of climate crisis can be so terrifying that it paralyzes people. “But we must do something and act. I am angry that those least responsible for climate change suffer the most from it. As young people, we will be living through the continued dire consequences of climate inaction,” she added. Platt said 76% of Vermonters are concerned about climate change, but added there was “hope” if action was taken to address it.

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