Ski wear clothing - why buy when you can rent? - WPTZ

A new Vermont business is making money by helping occasional skiers save theirs. Why buy a fancy ski outfit you'll only use once or twice a year (if that)? 

"It's an idea Shinners had when he was lending outfits to his friends from New York City to wear on ski trips.

"I had somebody say, 'Oh, wow! It's like Rent the Runway for the mountains. This is a service. You should charge for it,'" said Shinners.

That's how Kit Lender was born.

"The Airbnbs, the Rent the Runways, these (businesses) kind of created a new market for people that liked experiences and renting stuff and realizing that's something they would go to. But in the ski market, it wasn't there yet," he said."

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