Windsor resident defends principal over “Orwellian” action by school board - YouTube

Last week, the Ascutney School Board placed Windsor School Principal Tiffany Riley on paid leave due a Facebook post in which she questioned some of the methods of Black Lives Matters. At a board meeting Monday, Daniel Worts of Windsor defended Riley and said the district should embrace good faith discourse. Another meeting is scheduled for today.

““My wife and I read [the Facebook post] in full and honestly don't see how it could possibly be construed as racist. Everything she stated seemed to be perfectly factually accurate, and to me it feels very Orwellian to oust her on the basis of this sort of wrong think against the accepted ideological narrative.” “Again if this is exclusively on the basis of the Facebook post, I think the the district itself is not necessarily committed to what should be the chief core value of any educational institution, which is vigorous challenging of ideas, conventional or otherwise, through critical thinking and open, honest and good faith discourse to get to what would be the ultimate truth and ideal policy for all.”"



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