Windham, Bennington counties to keep federal $$ to fight domestic violence – Brattleboro Reformer

Facing cuts in anti-domestic violence funding because the feds wanted to allocate the money to other counties, Vermont’s two southern counties petitioned Sen. Pat Leahy to find them funding. He came through.

"When the state's attorneys in the two counties were notified they didn't qualify for another three-year grant, they were told by the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services that the money was intended to bring together prosecutors, law enforcement and service providers. Chris Fenno, executive director of the VCCVS, told Windham County State's Attorney Tracy Shriver and Bennington County State's Attorney Erika Marthage that they had been conducting that conversation for the past two decades and other counties needed the money more. Having demonstrated a successful model and keeping it operational for nearly two decades, she said, meant it was now up to Shriver and Marthage to find continued funding for their prosecutors and investigators."


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