When world has gone to the dogs, ‘cat messiah’ brings hope - Valley Reporter

It’s tough to be a cat person these days. Canine lovers get movies like “A Dog’s Purpose.” But what do feline afficianados get? “Pet Sematary.” It’s enough to make you yowl.

“Dog mania has infected the masses and dog people seem determined to maintain the dog-loving status quo. Just look at the science: A 2010 study at the University of Texas found that those who identified as "dog people" were more social and outgoing, while "cat people" tended to be more neurotic and philosophical. In the media, recent movies about dogs include “A Dog’s Purpose” in which a dog “discovers the meaning of its own existence through the lives of the humans it teaches to laugh and love,” while the latest cat movie, released in 2019, called “Pet Sematary” tells the story of a family cat who is killed by a truck and then returns from the dead to haunt the family after having been possessed by a demon spirit. Even some “unbiased” newspapers show dog favoritism, dedicating entire issues “to the dogs”; meanwhile, local cat stories remain unknown. One person, based right here in the Mad River Valley, has dedicated her life to empowering the cat community. Her reach is global, but her business is local. And it’s all about cats."



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