What it’s like when your neighbor’s garage holds an F-35 – Burlington Free Press

Some neighbors live so close that soundproofing won’t do much. Option: deal with it, or leave. (People in the Northeast Kingdom might say that’s sort of like living next to a wind turbine.)

"For these homes, sound mitigating efforts wouldn't really make a difference, according to Nicolas Longo, deputy director of aviation administration. Property owners in this noise zone were offered a program (no longer available) to have their homes purchased at fair market value and removed. All property owners declined the acquisition offer, Longo said."


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  • Chuck Thompson
    commented 2019-10-16 16:10:34 -0400
    I believe that The Burlington Airport was established in 1920,
    so to all the liberal whiner’s that live next to the Airport, I guess
    you didn’t think it would be noisy ……… you can’t be that stupid.

    So if you have lived at your property on or before 1920, well you
    should complain…. that’s an issue, to all the others…… TS !!

    Enjoy the sound of Freedom from the " F35" and all the income
    from the Commerical Flights.

    Maybe we need electric planes, or no planes per AOC Green New
    Deal………………. More stupidity !!