Welch sees GOP invasion of committee room: “Disappointing,” VT Rep. says – VPR

Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) witnessed the GOP lawmakers’ disruption of a closed-door impeachment panel Wednesday. Welch says Republican claims that Democrats are conducting impeachment proceedings in secret are false, because all Republican committee members have access to the information.

""And you can sit there just like I've been sitting there, so they in fact do have access on the same terms and conditions as Democrats have access," Welch said. "You simply have to be a member of one of the three designated committees, so it's really false."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2019-10-27 12:17:40 -0400
    Coming from one of the Representatives that thought it appropriate to occupy the Senate Chamber when the majority chose not to hold a vote on gun control, I find this to be disingenuous and highly hypocritical, but then again it’s Peter “the tool” Welch
  • Chuck Prokocimer
    commented 2019-10-27 11:54:26 -0400
    I listen to VPR almost everyday. 95% one sided. There are other opinions. Open up your airwaves to opposing views points
  • Bob & Carol Frenier
    commented 2019-10-27 09:29:27 -0400
    What is really disappointing is Congressman Welch’s partisan support for this Kangaroo Trial.
  • Robert Ovitt
    commented 2019-10-27 07:50:17 -0400
    What was that thing he did with a bunch of democrats led by elija cummings.
    Oh a sit in in the halls of congtess.
    Makes a difference if your D ot R?
  • Todd Weaver
    commented 2019-10-25 10:27:06 -0400
    Let’s hope he’s disappointed right out of office on the next election. He and his 2 buddy’s Leahy and Sanders are an embarrassment to Vermont.
  • Chuck Thompson
    commented 2019-10-25 07:55:48 -0400
    I wouldn’t expect anything else from Welch, he’s just following
    the DemocRATic format, like baby ducks following there mother
    " Nancy " …… quack, quack !!

    If Welch and the other Bitter DemocRATs have anything on Trump
    then vote in the house to impeach…. nothing but smoke & mirrors.

    DemocRATs think if they delay, delay until the next election, then
    it will help their candidate ……calling them fools is being polite.

    Welch is another disappointment to Vermont, no leadership ability
    he’s just a follower………… pretty sad.