Waterbury gun store owner: gun sales strong - True North Reports

Ever since Pres. Donald Trump ordered gun stores open for the duration of the outbreak, Parro’s in Waterbury has been doing brisk business.

“People who we’ve never seen before are coming in looking. … People are asking a lot of questions,” Henry Parro, owner of Parro’s Gun Shop & Police Supplies in Waterbury, told True North. Following an order by President Donald Trump, gun shops are guaranteed to be open for the duration of the outbreak. Guidance issued Saturday by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) categorized gun stores, shooting ranges and weapons manufacturers as “essential” businesses. Parro said he has instructed his staff to go out of their way to help new customers eager to buy guns in response to the crashing economy and government-mandated lockdowns. Staff members are trained to explain the basics of firearms safety, such as how to load and handle a gun, as well as how to store it properly. Parro hopes to expand gun-training opportunities at his store location."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-04-04 23:06:43 -0400
    I love it ! All the lefties are cringing at the possibility of these new gun owners learning through 1st hand experience that there are little inconvenient truths that they have been lied to about like, the NICS System, and that there are differences are between a modern sporting rifle, and an honest to God fire breathing "assault rifle ". And with every new gun owner there is the also the possibility that they may emerge from this pandemic with a new understanding, and appreciation for the 2nd Amendment, and Article 16. Ahh I can see the Lefties shaking in their phobias now !