VTrans continues to monitor border traffic - Bennington Banner

If you’ve driven out-of-state recently, you’ve seen them on both sides of the state line - those State cars or trucks parked in the median or in a pulloff, quietly taking notes. Now the State is ramping it down some, but the work continues.


"Since April 1, there have been 779,219 out-of-state license plates and 802,023 Vermont license plates counted at border crossings, according to VTrans' COVID-19 transportation dashboards. At the Massachusetts/Vermont border crossing on Route 7, 44,824 out-of-state plates and 33,888 Vermont plates have been counted since April 1. Traffic volume statewide is down significantly — almost 54 percent in comparing April 27, 2020 to the same day in 2019, according to VTrans data."

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