Vermont woman arrested at Boston Straight Pride event - Boston Herald

One Vermonter was arrested in connection with the Boston Straight Pride event in Boston on August 31: Laura Potter, 63, of West Charleston. A woman of the same name and hometown ran for Congress under the Liberty Union Party ticket in 2018. Most (but not all) of the demonstrators were reportedly adherents of Antifa, the leftist/anarchist protest group. 

"The following individuals were arrested and charged during the Straight Pride Parade in Boston and the counterprotests surrounding it, according to Boston Police. Arraignments will take place at Boston Municipal Court....."

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  • kevin h
    commented 2019-09-12 17:23:04 -0400
    The problem was not the protest itself. We as Americans all have the right to protest and parade peacefully and within the limits of the law. It was all the counter protesters who assaulted police officers, threw bottles, etc. that caused such commotion. It’s sad but not surprising to me to see the media coverage so biased against heterosexuals. It’s disgusting to see how the media gloats about gay pride parades while it predicts violence for straight pride parades. It’s the counter protesters causing the violence!

    If homosexuals can have a parade, why can’t heterosexuals. Both sides have a responsibility to behave in an orderly and legal way.

    If the participants of the straight pride parade were to assault police officers or otherwise break the law (like the counter protesters), they should be charged. If counter protesters broke the law, they should be charged as well. No favorites played.