VT student test scores drop, again - Burlington Free Press

Year by year, Vermont students' reading and math scores continue to decline, despite our low student-teacher ratio and high school spending. What's going on?

"The NAEP is administered every two years to fourth graders and eighth graders across the nation in math and reading. The 2019 results show Vermont students still performing above the national average in eighth grade reading and math and fourth grade reading. However, fourth grade math fell below the national average. 

Here are the scores on a 500-point scale, compared to 2017: 

  • Eighth grade reading: 268, down from 273 
  • Eighth grade math: 287, down from 288
  • Fourth grade reading: 222, down from 226
  • Fourth grade math: 239, down from 241."


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  • Rob Roper
    commented 2019-10-31 18:23:08 -0400
    Since Vermont implemented universal “high quality” preschool in 2007, more and more kids are matriculating through that system to the 4th grade, where the scores have steadily declined. Studies tend to show that mainstream kids who attend these programs are harmed by them in the long run, but kids from marginalized backgrounds can benefit. These scores appear to bear out those conclusions. Not enough evidence to say cause or coincidence, but certainly worth a “Deeper Dig.” We can say for sure that promises that “high quality” universal pre-k would increase scores have not born out.