VT Legislature ‘Bill Mill’ has cranked out 1,241 this session – more to come? – VT Daily Chronicle

On the 907 bills in House and 334 the Senate, some of the latest include bias training for school bus drivers, high-capacity mag ban, state collection of racial, gender info of business owners, repatriation of Abenaki lands, EV mileage tax, stormwater fee delay, and a new state pension system.

It is not known whether more bills will be introduced this year. Most bills do not become law. And like plain-looking boys and girls at the southern Cotillion, many do not receive a second glance after introduction.

Click here  for a complete listing and details of bills. The following is a partial list of bills introduced last week into the Vermont House. No judgement here is made on whether they are good, bad, or indifferent: “Et cave ne vet” (“let the voter beware”).

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