VT House advances commercial cannabis bill - Associated Press

The Vermont House passed S54, commercial cannabis, yesterday by a 90-54 vote. If it gets final approval today, then it will go to a House/Senate conference committee to iron out differences between the two versions - such as local option taxes and prevention spending. There’s still no provision for an adequate roadside test for impairment. If Gov. Scott vetos S54, it’s uncertain whether the House can muster the 100 votes it needs. 13 Democrats voted no yesterday, and four Republicans voted yes.

"Current Vermont law that went into effect in 2018 allows for the possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use, but it does not include a mechanism to tax and sell marijuana. The House vote on the tax-and-regulate legislation late Wednesday was approved 90-54. The bill will be considered for a third reading on Thursday. Rep. John Gannon, a Democrat from Wilmington, called Vermont’s existing law “awkward” because it legalized recreational pot but did not create “safe and legal access to it.” He told lawmakers that the question before them was whether cannabis, which was already legalized in Vermont, should be regulated."

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