VT has highest rate of pet ownership in U.S.; in disaster, pets need help too – Brattleboro Reformer

The Windham Disaster Animal Response Team (WDART) has a plan to rescue pets when the next natural disaster strikes.

"In the case of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, many who stayed behind did so because of their pets, and in some cases perished as a result, said Bourbeau, chairwoman of the Windham Disaster Animal Response Team or WDART.To counter that, and to keep people — and their pets — safe, on Thursday the all-volunteer Windham Disaster Animal Response Team participated in the statewide Vermont Emergency Management preparedness drill, making sure Windham County residents have a place to bring their pets in an emergency. The morning's drill scenario was all-too-familiar to Vermonters: there was severe flooding in Londonderry and five homes were being evacuated; people needed a place to bring their dogs and cats before they themselves went to a shelter. The animal shelter drill was part of the statewide "catastrophic" exercise, designed to test the new statewide emergency response system.


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