VT Digger says Trump’s right – food stamps in Vermont are way down since 2016

The president’s re-election campaign is correct, VT Digger concludes – demand for food stamps has declined since he took office. It’s also true that the decline began around 2013.

"President Donald Trump’s campaign announced in an email to Vermont media this week that it will be deploying resources to Vermont to help elect Republicans up and down the ballot in 2020.

In the email, the campaign took credit for the economic improvement the state has seen under Trump’s presidency.

It said that since he took office in 2017, Trump has added thousands of jobs across the state and given Vermonters an average tax cut of about $1,500.

Fact-check: Trump’s right. Food stamp recipients in Vermont dropped 12K under his watch.
It also claimed that under Trump, fewer Vermonters have had to rely on food stamps.

"President Trump has lifted the prospect of voters across Vermont, overseeing a 11,742 decline of Vermont residents on food stamps," the campaign wrote."

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