VT car industry official sees clear road for electric cars - Bennington Banner

Vermont’s auto dealers are getting behind the idea that electric cars really are a ‘thing’ - or at least will be soon.


"Vermont's auto dealers are also preparing for this transformation — installing equipment to service and charge EV's, training employees, encouraging EV sales by partnering with local utilities to provide substantial rebates, and participating in EV ride and drives. Right now, 31 dealers across Vermont are participating in the state's new incentive program to get more EV's on the road.

Of course, disruptive industry transformations are not easy or simple. Many questions still need to be answered: how will we pay for our roads and bridges if the gas tax is no longer a reliable source of income? Will electric vehicle manufacturers be able to meet consumer demand for trucks and SUVs? What will happen with all of the combustion powered vehicles on the road and the infrastructure (gas stations) that currently dot our state's landscape?"

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