VT Auditor Hoffer says state money spent to relocate workers not well spent – Seven Days

In a 17 page report, State Auditor Douglas Hoffer says the State of Vermont’s worker relocation program “has undoubtedly resulted in wasted taxpayer funds.”

"Remote workers can only qualify for certain relocation and business expenses, such as high-speed internet access, once they have already moved to Vermont, he noted. “That means they had the means and the will to relocate without the program,” Hoffer wrote.

In March, Seven Days spoke with families that had benefited from the program. Miguel and Milagro Turner had already decided to move to Vermont from Florida when friends told them about it. "The grant maybe helped us decide that now is the time," Miguel said. "I saw it as a little bit of providence." Immigration attorney Amelia Potasznik-Kriv told the newspaper that after she and her wife decided to leave Dallas and were looking for a more progressive environment, learning about the program was "like a sign from the universe that this was the right place for us."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2019-11-17 07:58:07 -0500
    How about giving that $10,00 dollars to Vermont college students to entice them to stay here instead of moving away ?