VPR profiles Barton Chronicle, longtime NEK community newspaper

It’s the paper where WCAX anchorman, Edward R. Murrow prize winner, and NEK native Darren Perron got his startin the news business . Since the mid-1970’s, the Barton Chronicle has been a reliable, weekly source of fair and accurate local news and provocative opinion for decades. Its large, loyal readership demonstrates that there will always be an appetite for local news served up with TLC.

“Chris Braithwaite wanted to make a weekly paper that covered the small towns of Orleans County as seriously as any urban paper covers its metropolitan area. And in rural Vermont, a Lake Region Union High School soccer championship is serious. A story about Glover running out of road sand in March is serious. And an award-winning series about the fate of a local sex offender, that’s serious too.

All these stories are “big stories,” and covered with the same care, the same gravity, at the Barton Chronicle. When I open the newspaper, it feels deeply of this place. And in a time when corporations are gobbling up local papers, this feeling is … rare."

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