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Two well-funded (by Vermont media standards) public broadcasting entities voted yesterday to become one even-better funded public broadcasting organization.

"The vote is the first step in building a new, combined public media organization for Vermont. The new organization's anticipated launch date is July 1, 2021, and is contingent upon regulatory approval from the Federal Communications Commission and IRS recognition of tax-exempt status."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-09-13 16:16:14 -0400
    Very well articulated Ms. Bowen. For these reasons, even though I sincerely love some of their programming, (Nature, Nova, concerts, etc) I simply can not contribute to them in good conscience given their bias towards “loony left” concerns. They should get out of the “news” business as their portrayal of it is not an unbiased relating of facts, but a heavily slanted opinion in most cases.
  • Susan Bowen
    commented 2020-09-13 11:43:58 -0400
    Because VPR and PBS are very politically biased it is disturbing that they are looking to continue to receive tax exempt status. VPR/PBS programming pushes a narrative that does NOT service the individual, our US Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. A high proportion of their programming services big corporation ideologies. I used to love VPR but now they are pushing vaccines, masking, distancing protocols and the like which are tearing down our small businesses and creating terror, anger, and a complete disintegration of what makes life enjoyable. Hypocrisy, mixed messages, and inconsistent rules abound. People are getting disjointed when you don’t wear a mask when you are 6 feet way from them, but they are ok if you aren’t wearing it sitting 1 foot away in a restaurant. VPR is still pushing the COVID narrative even though there has only been 3 deaths in Vermont in the last 3 months. With a 99.98% survival rate, what are we doing people? Also, Masks do not work to stop the spread of aerosol viral particles which get around the edges and go through mask material. A knee surgeon stopped me the other day for not wearing a mask when he and his friend were not wear masks until they saw me. The rule that he wrote up for the private club we belong to apparently does not apply to liars, hypocrites and tattle-tales. GET back to Normal people!!!! This fear of the common cold is getting old and unsubstantiated. Bless all those who have passed away – and before blaming it on Covid – take a good look at the messages from Senator Scott Jensen MN- look him up. BTW the medical board investigation was dropped though that is not what Google wants you to believe so they place that at the top of the search. Look out for censorship too, it is a rampant as the COVID thing. You need to DIG DEEP for the TRUTH!