VPR/PBS survey show support for rural living for concern for its future – VPR

A survey of 801 rural Vermonters shows that while support for living in the Vermont countryside is high, so is concern about its future viability and attractiveness to the next generation. For example, just less than half of rural Vermonters are living paycheck to paycheck with little in the way of cash reserves.

"But life here isn't all covered bridges and maple creemees. For example, the survey found that: 20% of people think access to high-speed internet is a problem. 11% say they were unable to access to health care when they needed it. 40% of Vermonters say if they had an unexpected expense of $1,000, they'd have trouble paying it right away. More Vermonters than not said they'd advise an 18-year-old to leave the state, in order to build a successful life and career.

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