Voters want Addison, Ferrisburgh schools to stay open – Burlington Free Press

Voters in two northern Addison County towns want their schools to stay open. But will they? And if so what will it cost? Note: BFP sourced the online Addison Independent for some information in this story.

"The Nov. 5 vote on a proposal to close Addison Central School and Ferrisburgh Central School had these results…….:
Addison: 123 in favor of closure; 373 opposed
Ferrisburgh: 160 in favor of closure; 884 opposed
The Addison Northwest School District has said that taxes would have to increase to keep the schools open.
The district projects that residents within the school district would incur an $0.18 tax rate increase per $100 in property value. For a $300,000 house, residents would pay an additional $540 in taxes in fiscal year 2021."

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