Virus takes toll on bus drivers; rider numbers down by 75% - VT Daily

34 bus drivers are off the job due to Covid-19. Ridership is down by about 75%, due to social distancing requirements. And riders in Burlington aren’t as willing to wear masks as the rest of the state.

“34 drivers are out of work due to Covid-19 sickness or quarantine, AOT official Ross MacDonald told the committee. Three drivers have tested positive. Overall, public transportation has seen a 55% reduction in overall service hours, and a 72-75% decrease in ridership. “That does allow for the social distancing, in most instances,” MacDonald said. Demand response – that is, calling for a ride – is down by 80%. Green Mountain Transit (GMT) riders have dropped from 7,000 a day to 2,000 a day. “We’ve lost a lot of those commuters. Those that remain are the true needs riders for essential services. We can expect that to be consistent during the emergency services.” MacDonald also noted that “in Burlington, we’re seeing a higher percentage of people choosing not to wear face coverings.”



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