Virus adds more difficulty to Vermont college enrollment problems - VT Digger

Vermont colleges were already behind the enrollment eight-ball before the virus hit. And now….?

This semester alone, some colleges are anticipating that they will lose 10 percent of their students, Susan Stitely, president of the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges, told the House Education Committee on Friday. Many students, forced to find work to support their families or worried about safety and traveling, won’t be back in the fall, she said. The Vermont State Colleges System will end the current fiscal year an estimated $10 million in the red, Chancellor Jeb Spaulding told the legislators. “What’s as worrying, if not more so, is, what’s going to happen in the future?” he said during a meeting held via videoconferencing. “The future is very uncertain. Should we be planning to be open in the fall with our residential facilities? If we’re not, that’s a total game-changer and, you know, I honestly have a hard time getting my mind around that.”."

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