Video: Revolutionary War-era blockhouses in Northern Vermont explored - WFFF

Vermonters reacted to another invasive threat - Redcoats - by building blockhouses on the Bayley-Hazen Road.

"A blockhouse was one of the buildings built, around here anyway, on the Bayley-Hazen [Military] Road. There were four of them built in the 1770s,” said Hill. “And a blockhouse itself, it’s a square building, a fortification right?” asked Perkins. “Absolutely. Yes, it was square. The Bayley-Hazen [Military] Road started in 1776. I think it was Bayley who started this road. He asked General Washington if it was a good idea and Washington said it was, to be able to get to Canada quickly during the war. So, they started building it and they got as far as Cabot. And then they realized that the British could come down the road, too, so they stopped at that point,” explained Hill."


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