Veteran’s monument vandalized with PC graffiti - Brattleboro Reformer

Someone scrawled the Brattleboro veterans’ monument with “POC lives matter too.” POC stands for People of Color. The normally tolerant Town of Brattleboro is not ignoring this act of desecration.

"Parks and Recreation Director Carol Lolatte and Public Works Director Steve Barrett "have inspected the monument," Elwell said Sunday morning in an email response to the Reformer. "The paint will be removed tomorrow morning." Elwell said the Brattleboro Police Department will be opening an investigation. An attempt to reach the shift supervisor was unsuccessful Sunday morning. "I don't care how noble you think your cause is, this type of blatant disrespect for our men and women who have served and died in our nations' armed forces has no place in Brattleboro," Tim Wessel, Select Board chairman, said in a statement."

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