Vermonting in Barre, a day trip close to home

Especially as its outstanding restaurants begin to re-open, the historic, multi-ethnic Granite City of Barre has a diversity of destinations for the Vermont ‘stay-cation.’

"From our home base in Burlington, we made the easy 45-minute drive to Barre and parked on North Main Street, the central artery of downtown. The meter told us that parking was free. Our mission was to take the Art Stroll around town, check out some recently reopened shops, get a takeout lunch and picnic in the famous Hope Cemetery. It was no coincidence that our trip was bookended with granite sculptures; in its heyday, the Granite City was considered the granite capital of the world. The 19th- and early 20th-century industry attracted thousands of immigrant stone carvers, primarily from Italy but also from Scotland, Greece, Lebanon, Canada and elsewhere. That influx made Barre Vermont's most diverse city, injected its politics with color and created a community uniquely devoted to visual arts."

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