Vermonters rally to support police on State House lawn Saturday - WFFF

More than 200 Vermonters gathered peacefully to sing, speak, and pray, in recognition and honor of Vermont law enforcement Saturday on the State House lawn. Despite being drowned out at times by a crowd of anti-police, rally-crashing disrupters, they remained to make a point: they support the Blue.

"The event was covered by all three major TV news networks in Vermont, VPR, and VT Digger. Only Fox 44 chose to focus mainly on the expressed purpose of the rally - honoring police. Those supporters included a Republican candidate for Governor from 2018. “They’re getting a bad rap, we know there’s bad cops. Just like there’s bad firemen, bad actors, bad athletes, we know it. But the thing is we’ve gotta make sure they’re getting weeded out. And support the ones that are doing their job,” says Keith Stern. Tensions rose as people also showed up in support of police reform and de-funding. There was some pushing, shoving and shouting by people from both groups. But both also came together to speak with each other. “It’s not Portland, it’s not Seattle, and it’s not Chicago. This is Vermont, even if it’s Montpelier, there’s a whole bunch of people behind me that don’t care about them. But we care about them,” said event organizer Jim Sexton of Essex Junction, who’s father was a career Chittenden County Police Officer."

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