Vermonters lonelier, less stressed about finances during pandemic, study says – VT Digger

During the pandemic, Vermonters report being more lonely, but less stressed about their personal finances, and significantly more trustful of their state and local governments, according to new research on Vermonters’ well-being.

"A study by the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies surveyed over 1,500 Vermonters in June, three months after the beginning of the state’s stay-home order, about issues of well-being, from psychological and physical health to time balance, social connectedness, financial stress and work lives. “This research comes out of a movement to utilize indicators that go beyond traditional economic indicators like gross domestic products, unemployment rates and poverty levels,” said Michael Moser, who conducted and analyzed the research. “This goes beyond that and looks at other domains of people’s lives.” The study was first conducted in 2013, then again in 2017. But in March, when the pandemic began to reach into every aspect of Vermonters’ lives, the researchers thought it was time for another survey. “We realized what we had here was a unique opportunity to look at the direct impact of these aspects of well-being in the time of Covid,” Moser said.."

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