Vermonters “in lockstep” with authorities, Fauci says

If all Americans were as compliant with masks as Vermonters, there could be a nationwide mask mandate, White House coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci told the Vermont press yesterday.

"If the citizens of a particular state or a city or county are really in lockstep with the authority that does it, it is not a big problem as you’ve seen with the success in Vermont,” Fauci said in a press conference Tuesday with Gov. Phil Scott. “In some areas, anything that smacks of an authoritative statement to the citizenry often is met with a considerable amount of pushback… A national mandate probably would not work.”

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  • Mark Maloney
    commented 2020-09-16 18:59:51 -0400
    I would ask Dr. Fauci to substantiate his position that cloth masks and shutting down various businesses has prevented the spread of Covid-19 in Vermont. Other states that followed the same restrictions had much worse results, others with less restrictions had results similar to Vermont.