Vermont women buying handguns, learning to shoot – Vermont Daily

TV host and former lawmaker and public official Pat McDonald was standing at a microphone at a pro-police rally, being drowned out by loud, aggressive, profane demonstrators. That’s when it struck her: she needed to learn how to protect herself.

““At my age, I am not physically able to protect myself. I’m a little beyond Kung Fu and Karate,” she laughs. “But I can learn how to shoot a gun so that I would use it only under certain circumstances, and when warranted. Taking this course I have learned a lot about Vermont’s laws, what is and isn’t acceptable."



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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-09-06 23:09:53 -0400
    It’s a sad commentary on the social/political state of our country that citizens are taking up arms for the reasons that they are. I’d much rather see people become interested in firearms because they want to learn how to hunt, or shoot skeet/trap, or Cowboy Action shooting etc. not because of the real possibility of our elected officials infringing on a Constitutionally guaranteed right, or fear for their own security or the security of a loved one. These reasons indicate a failing of our government to deal with these issues properly. Defund Police ? Maybe on the other side of Saint Peter’s gate, but not here, not now ! To the new shooters, welcome, take an NRA approved course, or two or three, be sponges, stay safe and have fun !