Vermont teenagers are bored (even more than usual) - VPR

“There’s nothing to DO.” It’s a summertime whine every parent of a teen hates to hear, even though they remember themselves saying not too long ago. But this summer, with fewer sports, camping and work opportunities available, it’s true.

"“Any odd jobs that are available, we’ll take,” Reuben said. “Mulching, gardening, weed whacking, lawn mowing. We had one moving debris out of a creek. Anything.” So far, they’ve made a few hundred bucks between them. Reuben said it’s nice to have something to do, but it’s kind of all he has to do. “Last year I worked in a kitchen,” he said. “So that’s a lot different. And I went everywhere, went up to Burlington all the time, I hung out with friends all the time, didn’t have to wear a mask everywhere. It was a lot more, just, normal.”"


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