Vermont prepares to observe Columbus, er, “Indigenous Peoples” Day – Burlington Free Press

After several years of observing Indigenous Peoples Day by a governor’s proclamation, the Vermont Legislature went all the way this year and passed a law officially changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. This year it will be observed on Monday, October 14. It is not an official, paid-day-off holiday for state government.


"The bill states that changing the name of the holiday will "aid in the cultural development of Vermont’s recognized tribes."


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  • C Henry
    commented 2019-10-11 05:02:11 -0400
    Liberals, let’s forget history and let rename all historic data because
    it "offends " you, or is it because of your superior knowledge.

    You can rename or try to change history, but history will always be
    you can learn from it, but you’ll never change it.

    Respect for the "Native " Americans, be it Vermont or go out west
    and then tell me you’re doing something special ……. Hypocrites.

    Native Americans today, alcohol & drug issues, suicide rates high
    living conditions sub-standard….." A Holiday " should really help !!

    Changing the name of a Holiday will do squat, other than make you
    thin-skinned liberals feel better, clear you’re consequence about how
    you think you’re ancestors treated people, you pious fools……

    In years to come, history will show just how foolish Liberals really
    are with all their fantasy feel-good projects and this is just another.