UVM sociologist discusses human behavior during crisis - Seven Days

What’s interesting isn’t just the behavior of the virus - it’s the behavior of people who are concerned about how the virus and the community response to it will affect them.

"SS: I think the closest comparison would be to fears around terrorist attacks, but in [that] case we are told that we should carry on as usual and not let the fear deter us. Whereas now we’re told, be cautious of mingling with others.
SD: What can restaurants do to reassure customers? Is talking openly about the issues a reasonable — and even valuable — approach?
SS: I think talking openly is essential. It’s similar to security checks at the airport: People can relax because they see that steps are being taken. Sometimes people call it “security theater” to suggest that it’s just a show and doesn’t make us that much safer. But the show is important. People want and need to see it.

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