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Faced with declining enrollment, a big bill for reimbursing students for lost room and board, and a possible class action suit from students, the University of Vermont is planning big budget cuts. But it’s just contingency planning, mind you. The school’s leaders hope that financial help is on the way.

"The biggest challenge in my mind is that things are uncertain," he told the Senate Education Committee earlier this month. "We cannot quite put a number on it — if we could, it would be easier to plan for. So there's a whole bunch of scenario and contingency planning going on." Garimella later requested a $25 million appropriation from Vermont's $1.25 billion federal stimulus funds, a cash injection he hoped would cover the losses and help the university prepare for an anticipated uptick in financial aid requests from families impacted by the virus. But that money is not guaranteed, especially now that lawmakers are considering a similarly priced bailout for the ailing state college system. And UVM may eventually need to cough up even more money in response to a class-action lawsuit from students who say they were not properly compensated for being forced to finish the semester at home."

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