Unlike many states, Vermont has no ‘employee time off to vote’ law - PRNewswire

Unlike Massachusetts, Texas, and many other states, Vermont law doesn’t require employers to give employees time off to vote. With all of the emphasis on total inclusion in voting - including college students from other states, and non-citizens - is it strange that working Vermonters aren’t empowered to get out and vote?

“In addition to deciding a third of the delegates for the Democratic National Convention, the votes cast on Super Tuesday will also provide a strong indicator of who the presidential Democratic candidate will be. While some states have no time-off-to-vote provisions, employers in many states are required to allow employees time off to cast their ballots. In certain states, there are varied civil or criminal penalties for companies that do not follow the law. Four of the Super Tuesday states have no provisions requiring employers to give employees time off to vote. Massachusetts provides for time-off-to-vote only for manufacturing, mechanical, and mercantile industries."



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