Unlike Cuomo, Scott stops short of mask ‘mandate’ - Chester Telegraph

Gov. Phil Scott and Health Commissioner Mark Levine hope Vermonters take to wearing masks through education and peer pressure, not due to a mandate. That’s at odds with tough-talkin’ Gov. Cuomo of New York.

“We’re really trying to create a cultural norm. Cultural norms come through people understanding and being educated, some element of peer pressure, some element of businesses saying you can’t enter if not facially covering,” said Levine, adding that, over time, that would build up to a level that it will be the exception rather than the rule that someone without a mask is seen entering a store. “It’s really trying to evolve our culture, if you think about it in a very short number of weeks how many new cultural norms that we couldn’t have imagined before Covid. We’ve shown we are all capable of achieving these things,” said Levine. The governor said that if there is abuse of the quarantine order for those entering the state, there are places on the Public Safety and Agency of Commerce and Community Development websites to make a complaint so the state could follow up. As of publication time, the non-compliance reporting tool did not include not observing quarantine as a category for reporting."



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