Undeserved (and Useless) Rebates I Got - Fractals of Change

I just qualified for over $6000 of rebates which didn’t change my behavior in any way. You are paying me to do what I would’ve done anyway.

“My old car had over 100,000 miles and was beginning to require frequent expensive repairs. Time for new wheels. I decided to look at plug-in electric hybrids (PHEVs), which can run on gas or electricity, for a few reasons: future cars are going to be almost all electric for automatic driving as much as emission reasons and I like to be an early adopter. Many years ago, I installed lots of solar panels to power a ground-source heat pump; the heat-pump caught fire and burned up and I’m not replacing it because it seems to be a technology dead-end. Now we generate a lot more electricity than we use. Plugging in a car is a good use for the extra kilowatt-hours. I have too much range-anxiety to go all-electric at the current state of battery technology.

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