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Provided he follows four pages of bullet-pointed instructions, Sean Manovill of Club Fitness in Rutland may operate outside, according to a letter posted Wednesday on the Vermont Attorney General website’s page. But given the AG’s aggressive statements Wednesday, and the long list of restrictions, is ‘may operate’ just an opportunity to fail?

"A letter to Sean Manovill, the owner of Club Fitness in Rutland, dated Wednesday, said he could operate as an outdoor gym if, among other requirements, the facility was limited to 10 people or less, including staff. All equipment must be cleaned between customers and protective measures must be followed, including the wearing of cloth face coverings. Manovill was initially sued by Attorney General T.J. Donovan after reports he opened the gym inside earlier this month. A judge then ordered Manovill not to allow in-person indoor activities. So Manovill moved his equipment outside Tuesday, but later put yellow tape around it fearing further action from the state."

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  • wm Nails
    commented 2020-05-27 22:45:49 -0400
    Why hasn’t the subsequent turn of events been reported. It’s my understanding TJ gave permission to move outside, then changed his mind.

    Liberty minded people in Rutland should simply disobey this ‘color of law’ lock down and get on with ‘their life’. We all should. The government only owns us if we respond as if we are owned.

    Too, now that they’ve done it once, they’ve told you they are expecting to destroy our way of life, again, and again, until they have a cure for this GMO virus (piece the dribs & drabs of info together).

    Keep in mind a viral cure has never been achieved except through herd immunity; which public health officials are instructing us to thwart with masks and social distancing and isolation of healthy individuals from one another.
  • Jacquelyn Vero
    commented 2020-05-23 08:43:30 -0400
    It’s probably not worth all the work dragging the equipment in and out every day for only 10 member+staff🙄And, you really shouldn’t have to wear a mask outside while exercising, too suffocating 🤔