Under Global Warming Solutions Act, State could turn off appliances without homeowners’ consent – True North Reports

Ken Colburn of the Maine Climate Council told the House Energy and Technology Committee it could implement the Global Warming Solutions Act by using technology to shut off thousands of refrigerators and hot water heaters at peak energy usage.

"“What is not in the bill, and I think it’s good, is no requirements with respect to how decisions are made,” he said. “One would hope and think that democratic consensus is the default, but at the end of the day, you all know far better than I how easy it is to say no to things and how hard it is to get a yes to things….What is magical now is, technology is allowing us to manage demand for the first time. We can tell a million refrigerators to shut down for five minutes to save us this peak. And if that won’t get us through the whole peak, we can tell a million water heaters to shut down.”

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  • Steven & Linda Pike
    commented 2020-02-03 19:05:11 -0500
    I am sure that this Orwellian evil will crop in in Vermont as our liberal legislators desperately try to save us from ourselves so they can feel intelligent. After all, they believe, peasants must be managed for their own good.