U-32 board declines ‘hate symbols’ ban, gives preliminary OK to condoms, dental dams – Times Argus


U-32 in Montpelier won’t be enacting a hate symbols ban anytime soon. Banning rebel flags and swastikas might be unconstitutional, and existing school policies on bullying, etc. should be sufficient to protect students anyway, the school board decided.

"However, the board did give preliminary OK to making available contraception to sexually active students grades 7-12. It also learned more about proficiency learning, which reportedly makes it difficult to determine a GPA that almost all colleges require on enrollment applications.

On a night when board members met with local lawmakers and got a crash course on proficiency-based learning, a pair of policies proposed by separate student groups provoked protracted discussions that produced different results.

During its Wednesday meeting, the board approved the first of two required readings for a policy that would make condoms, dental dams and lubricants available to sexually active students at the 7-12 school. However, members struggled with a separate proposal designed to rid the East Montpelier campus of an ill-defined list of “hate symbols” in any “non-educational context … regardless of the stated intent of the individual displaying (the) symbol.”

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  • Chuck Thompson
    commented 2019-11-10 07:53:00 -0500
    You may not like what some symbols stand for but it’s history,
    like it or not !!

    We learn from History all good and all bad………..Live & learn.