Trump challenger Weld wants national carbon tax, supports impeachment – Headliners/Vermont Daily Chronicle

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld spoke to the Washington County GOP last night, describing how he’s different from incumbent president Donald Trump. He ranks Vermont as his second best chance (after his home state) to win the 2020 Republican presidential primary.

"President Trump’s campaign slogan has been “Promises made, promises kept.” Headliners asked Weld what promises he would make to Vermont voters. “My promises are to abolish the trillion dollar deficit and approve the Paris climate accords,” Weld said. The United States can meet its Paris commitments with just one firm measure, he said: “put a price on carbon, $40 a ton…..Congress could then repeal the federal gasoline tax and the diesel tax, with $150 billion left over.” Weld said he eliminated the Massachusetts deficit within months of taking office."

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  • Chuck Thompson
    commented 2019-10-21 16:02:26 -0400
    Weld, just another RINO, using Liberal DemocRAT talking points,
    trying to prove he’s still relevant !!

    Too bad he’s too late to the party…………….Fools and their money !!