Truck hauling empty nuclear fuel cask overturns - Chester Telegraph

The anti-nuke’s worst fear happened this weekend - almost. A truck carrying a nuclear fuel storage cask overturned. However, the cask was empty. And if/when stored nuclear fuel ever leaves Vermont Yankee, it will likely be by train, not by truck.

“According to Vermont State Police, the east-bound truck rolled over on Route 11 near Middletown Road, closing the road for several hours on Friday and Saturday, with workers returning to finish the recovery on Saturday. The driver was not injured in the crash and there were no fluid leaks, State Police said. According to Scott Reed of Reed Truck Services, which took part in the recovery of the truck and its cargo, it appeared that the driver had slowed the vehicle down for the road construction area where cones made the lane too narrow for the truck. As the driver moved over in his lane, his wheels ran onto the loamy disturbed earth on the shoulder and began to tip, Reed said."



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