Trouble getting unemployment? Contact your legislator - Rutland Herald

Lawmakers are pitching in with the unemployment backlog, filling out forms on behalf of constituents, House Speaker Mitzi Johnson said.

"Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson, D-South Hero, said Monday it’s fairly common for people with government-related problems to reach out to their local House representatives for help, but this is a far more coordinated and technical approach than what’s been undertaken before. “We type information into the form, the form dumps the data into a spreadsheet, the Department of Labor has access to that spreadsheet,” she said. “They can sort by a drop-down menu the issue, so all of the PIN resets will go over to a bunch of people who can crank through the PIN resets, and a bunch of the Social Security errors can go over to the team that’s responsible for that, and the more complicated stuff gets sorted to the people doing that, rather than the phone call where somebody explains their story, and the newly hired person has to figure out who to forward it to or what they have to do.”"

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