Towns to vote at Town Meeting on forming broadband districts – VPR

Towns with poor broadband service will vote at Town Meeting on whether to form their own broadband districts in order to access funding for better local internet and cellphone coverage.

"Communications union districts, or CUDs, are municipal organizations, like a water district or a school district, that allow the groups to borrow money on the municipal bond market and apply for grants and loans that can help deliver fiber networks into underserved rural areas. Bill Fisk lives in the Bennington County town of Shaftsbury, one of 11 towns working on forming the Southern Vermont Communication Union District. "Literally if I could stand on the roof of my house I could point up my road and tell you where the last service port is for that. I can look in another direction and see the other," Fisk said. "I'm in a little, like, a dead zone in the midst of three different access lines coming out."

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