Town clerks report vote-by-mail ballot mishaps - True North Reports

Some voters are failing to read the detailed list of instructions that come with the mail-in ballots. And if they goof, their votes just don’t count.

"Graham said Tuesday she’s had about 20 ballots come back spoiled in her small town so far. “It’s sad that people have voted and their vote is not going to count,” she added. Another problem clerks are facing, according to Graham, is that ballot request cards were sent out to the assumed addresses of all active registered voters, yet some of those voters no longer reside at the addresses."

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  • Vincent Hunter
    followed this page 2020-08-10 12:41:12 -0400
  • Dick Strifert
    commented 2020-08-09 08:37:57 -0400
    I can share a personal story about ballots mailed out to everyone. First, it never should have been considered! My wife and I recently moved to New Hampshire. Within 6 weeks, we received an inquiry from the town clerk from Essex Junction, where we had resided. The clerk wanted to know if we in fact moved, and if our names should be removed from the Essex rolls. We sent it back affirming everything. What a surprise it was when we received ballots in the mail from the Essex Town clerk, addressed to us in New Hampshire, and giving us the right to vote in the Vermont primary. Scary does not describe this enough.