Times Argus, Rutland Herald expand printing schedule - Seven Days

Extra, extra, read all about it - two Vermont newspapers are printing two more days a week. Thanks to subscriber and advertiser support - and a big check from the federal government - the Rutland Herald and the Times Argus have hired back some staff and are now printing five days a week - just like before the pandemic.

"Now, in a bid to lure back advertisers and court new subscribers, the papers are returning to their pre-pandemic publishing schedule and hiring back at least some former employees. "The whole staff is really excited about it," Pappas said. The Herald and Times Argus, which are owned by the Pennsylvania-based Sample News Group, furloughed 20 of 42 employees in March as the coronavirus wreaked havoc on Vermont's economy. They also cut their print run from five days a week to three."

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