Ticks down 30% this spring - WCAX

You think the spring of 2020 was bad, with pandemic, lockdown, police brutality, race riots, no major league baseball? Don’t expect any sympathy from the ticks.

""People often think that a warm winter can necessarily mean that there will be a bigger tick population, but that isn't necessarily the case," said Patti Casey, with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. While winter temperatures may not be a sure factor in guessing tick population, snowfall is. Ticks depend on the snowfall as a protective layer for the winter, so less snow means less ticks. "You can have a warm winter with very little snow and you actually would expect to see a decrease in the number of ticks," said Casey. Casey says it's really hard to nail down how many ticks you're going to see because they are so many factors, but so far this year, the numbers are down. "We've completed one of our tick surveys for the spring and we've actually seen a 30 percent drop in ticks over last years numbers," she said.”

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