The Whole Story: Seven Days should self-examine for conservative ‘blind spot’ - Matt Krauss

Ms. Routly described the challenges New England media outlets are experiencing to recruit conservative editorial voices. (Talking Cure 11-18/2020). May I suggest a different perspective on their plight? Conservatives don’t see themselves as editorial arm candy to be shown off at the next regional newspaper conference. Or a box to be checked or as the token conservative. The deeper foundational issue is the employment practices and composition of the news/editorial staff and their work product. After reading the editorials and articles maybe conservatives say to themselves, “I’m not welcomed here.” 

Conservatives are at ease with organizations where they periodically see and hear similar opinions to those they hold. They will share their opinions more freely to media who hire their kindred spirits to produce stories and editorials. 

Seven Days should conduct a confidential poll of news staff and editorial employees of Seven Days, VtDigger, and Vermont Public Radio. How many consider themselves conservative, served in the armed forces, donated to Republican presidential candidates, belong to the local fish and game club, fly an American flag, watch NASCAR, support local police, etc.? The results might illuminate blind spots and recruitment opportunities. It could lead to an increase in readership and advertising dollars too. 

For the second consecutive presidential election, the media polls were off and missed “shy” conservative voters. Vermont media should do a better job ensuring their opinions are heard and debated in Vermont's marketplace of ideas. 

Matt Krauss


The author is a former Vermont State Senator


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  • Doug & Patricia Richmond
    commented 2020-11-29 11:30:36 -0500
    Seven Days, Vt public anything, and Vt Digger already know they have zero conservative writers, editors or reporters. Nobody needs to ’survey" this.

    About Conservative defining characteristics, “shy Conservatives” was used. Properly stated Conservatives and any Republican have been publicly, viciously shamed and ridiculed, in media, on the street, during ‘polling".
    These are violent assaults on freedom of thoughts and speech, and must be pushed back into the middle ages.
    Military, fly the flag, Nascar, fish and game, donate Right, support police are an excellent criteria for scarce
    non – liberal writers. Has Vermont allowed any Conservative media to survive?
    A few exist; Pages’s Pages, Ethan Allen Institute, Kingdom Newspapers, True North, and a few more
  • David Flemming
    published this page in The Whole Story 2020-11-23 14:43:49 -0500